• 1990 Jiří Lašek starts the company.

    Equipped with a base capital, with courage and the support of his wife Olga, Jiří Lašek founded the company in November 1990. It was created from scratch without any privatization or restitution. Mr. Lašek followed the tradition of his ancestors. On his father's side, they have employed people in the bakers' guild since as early as the 18th century. His great-grandfather on his mother's side became a successful trader in the carpentry guild. He ran the famous carpentry workshop in Hluboká, which also had its own freight wagon. After graduating from the University of Economics in Prague, specializing in transport, Jiří Lašek began to work as a clerk at a public transport company. After November 1989 he decided to leave his job and establish own company.

  • 1991 Purchase of the first second-hand MTS bulk cargo truck.

    Specialisation in technological transport

  • 1993 3 employees.

    We are expanding the team.

  • 1995 15 employees, beginnings of an in-house fleet.

    Purchase of two second-hand Volvo F12 vehicles.

  • 1997 45 employees.

    Our fleet has expanded to 25 trucks of various types.

  • 1998 Beginning of construction of our own logistics facilities in České Budějovice…

    A 24,000 m² plot in the new industrial park is bought. Today‘s Site A.

  • 2000 Construction of 5000 m² of new warehousing facilities.

    A milestone in our history.

  • 2002 100 employees!

    Construction of the petrol station.

  • 2009 Construction of the La-Natura business premises comprising 500 m².

    The shop premises and the E-shop with unique furniture and accessories. www.lanatura.cz

  • 2010 140 employees.

    Fleet comprises of 45 trucks.

  • 2013 150 employees, 44,700 m² of logistics facilities…

    … 24,000 m² thereof indoors.

  • 2014 Construction of Site B completed.

    New logistics services operation for Robert Bosch spol. s r.o. started. Total facility area: 48,000 m², 25 000 m² thereof indoors.

  • 2015 Purchase of Site C

    …and construction of new halls.

  • 2018 260 full-time employees 260, 3 logistic sites…

    … with a total area of 85 000 m² in České Budějovice, 45 000 m² thereof is indoors warehousing space.